California Vintage Wine Bar

About Us



California Vintage is a branded chain of wine bar restaurants, which introduces the Asian market to the authentic taste of California wine country in environments that are engaging, entertaining, educational, and exciting.

Our flagship venue in the heart of Hong Kong’s vibrant Central District entertainment scene is set to expand further across Hong Kong and Asia.


Fundamental to CV’s business concept are its partnerships with 22 family-owned wineries from throughout the state which, collectively, reflect the breadth, diversity and quality of California’s multiple wine regions. Our venues feature a rotating selection of 90 wines that are exclusively produced by these vintners and available to sample and enjoy by the taste, half-glass, full-glass or bottle. All of the wines are also offered for retail sale.


Complementing the wine selection is CV’s signature Seasonal Pairing Menu which was developed in collaboration with esteemed Napa Valley chef, Richard Haake. The seasonally-changing selection of fresh, wine country-inspired California cuisine is prepared using genuine, California-sourced ingredients and presented so as to encourage the selection of food that will enhance the wine experience — and vice versa!  And with an ambience that is reminiscent of our California wine country roots, the integrity of the experience is complete.




Unique in concept and design, California Vintage engages both wine connoisseurs and casual enthusiasts through an interactive, user-friendly and tech-enhanced environment. While our attentive, well-informed staff will attend to requests and offer suggestions, guests are also empowered to select and sample wines independently from smartcard-enabled dispensing machines. Our info-loaded iPad menus also help customers make well-informed selections with further details available on all wine and food offerings and pairings.


And finally, reflecting our belief that education is key to wine appreciation, CV offers a range of programs and events designed to help guests build their wine knowledge, particularly with respect to California wines. These include a weekly wine tasting series, food-and-wine pairing events, visiting winemaker programs, and private group events.